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Meet Dan Koontz

In 1975, Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Koontz launched The Guaranteed Weight Loss Cure stabilizing over 50,000 Type II diabetics and thousands of others choosing this unique HCG weight loss.

In addition, Dr. Koontz built one of America's largest medical practices with the Guaranteed Weight Loss Cure which created the necessity of expanded clinical services for management of obesity complications. Complications required services of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for non-surgical orthopedic management for chronic back/neck pain, chronic structural pain and a complete variety of structural disorders. Additionally, Type II diabetic complications and metabolic disordes required IV nutritional management and much more.

Dr. Koontz is a consultant to several industries including nutraceuticals, environmental medicine, anti-aging, longevity, life extension, personal injury and specialty evaluations based on AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment and Disability, Drug-Nutrient Depletion and Drug Interaction, specialty nutritional formulations and Risk Management.

Dr. Koontz was the first physician to introduce the HCG weight loss program to Phoenix, AZ and the only physician to train and work with Dr Simeon. The legend and commitment continues with introducing 'Dr Dan's hCG' globally for 'The Guaranteed Weight Loss Cure'.

In 1975, Dr. Koontz also established his first Arizona radio show, 'Dial-A-Doctor' which is presently called Healthy House Call. This radio broadcast is America's oldest, longest running live call-in wellness talk show featuring the latest breakthroughs of internationalwellness, world class physicians, noted authors, Hollywood celebrities, professional athlete's and most importantly, our patients and customers reporting glowing testimonials and recovery from serious illness.

Dr. Koontz first radio show was Celebrity Wellness and originated at Ball State University.

In 1985, 'Health News with Dr Koontz' TV show was broadcast nationally on SPN expanding his radio show format to national TV.

Dr. Koontz 'Guaranteed Weight Loss Cure' managed and stabilized over 50,000 Type II diabetics which quickly became the most popular weight loss program in America. Dr Koontz discovered a consistent correlation between obesity, degenerative joint disease, medication complications spawning the necessity to develop natural pain solutions.

Dr. Koontz launched the Free Children's Clinic in Phoenix , AZ in 1975 which has treated thousands of children with a wide variety of disorders with allopathic and natural medicine.